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Easy Homemade Wonton Soup

This äuthentic homemäde wonton soup recipe is eäsy änd fun to mäke! Eäch heärty bowl is päcked with plump pork dumplings, fresh vegetäbles, änd jumbo shrimp.

If you äre looking for the ULTIMäTE äsiän comfort food, this wonton soup recipe is where it’s ät!


1 pound ground pork2 teäspoons ginger, freshly gräted or finely minced2 teäspoons sugär2 teäspoons soy säuce2 teäspoons sesäme oil1/3 cup green onions, thinly sliced1 teäspoon kosher sält1/4 teäspoon bläck pepper, freshly ground32 smäll shrimp, cooked or räw, peeled (Optionäl)32 wonton wräppers, squäre, Näsoyä
2 teäspoons sesäme oil2 cloves gärlic, minced1 teäspoon ginger, freshly gräted or finely minced7 cups chicken broth4 ounces brown mushrooms, sliced, äbout 1 ½ cups1 cärrot, thinly sliced on ä diägonäl3 leäves bäby bok choy, sepäräted1 pound lärge shrimp, peeled änd deveined1/3 cup green onions, thinly sliced


In ä medium-sized bowl combine pork, 2 teäspoons ginger, sugär, soy säuce, sesäm…

My Top 10 Playstation 1 Games

Who does not know this one console, yep is none other than the Playstation 1. The first generation console from Sony that will be the embryo of one of the best consoles of all time. It is undeniable that the Playstation 1 is the favorite console of its time, made in 1994 in Japan Playstation managed to capture the hearts of game lovers at that time, armed with the latest innovations that had started using discs, Playstation 1 as if leaving competitors still using cartridges. In 1995 the Sony Playstation 1 began to penetrate the western world, and there was no positive response from consumers to confirm the Playstation 1 as one of the triple A consoles at that time.
although at first the Playstation 1 was a luxury item, but gradually the community from various circles could taste the thrill of playing PS1 both buying, me-rental and playing at the PS-an near home.
So the console was successful without the best games, so the Sony PS1 is not only the sound of the Start up theme which is very memorable and satisfying, PS1 games are also very memorable for gamers. In this article I will discuss 10 of the hundreds of the best Playstation 1 games, Enjoooy.

1.      Spyro The Dragon

One of the PS1 exclusive games, a game with a unique mechanism which at that time played people on platform games that had to be linear (from the side) burned by insomniac games, they made platform games that gave players the freedom to move anywhere by still having the concept of game platform , the camera position from behind the Spyro dragon gives the player wider visibility with the fields provided.
The excitement of this game does not need to be confused with interesting stories and progress that makes this game very memorable among players. Oh yeah, listening to this game will also be hit by the REMASTERED effect on the PS4 console, of course with this version, players can reminisce with their favorite dragons with better graphics and gameplay.

2.      Dino Crisis 2

The concept of a survival horror game that usually has zombies, aliens, ghosts and various other spirits is indeed a good concept of a horror game, but what if compared to zombies we are faced with DINOSAURS.

Capcom who successfully brought the concept was not denied besides the successful Resident Evil series scares players Dino Crisis has its own charm even though the first series is not too good, but the sequel was successful and managed to make this game a mandatory list of PS1 players. It's a shame Capcom doesn't want to revive this series and prefers Resident Evil :( .......

3.      TEKKEN 3

If you talk about the best fighting game on PS1, it's impossible if you don't mention TEKKEN 3, the 3rd series of TEKKEN francise that carries very impressive 3D graphics, making the experience of playing this game more exciting, each character that has the characteristic of each combo combo feels very satisfying with 3D movement like jumping and shifting the body to avoid enemy attacks.

Maybe Street Fighter is still the best fighting game but TEKKEN 3 also has a place in the hearts of fighting game fans. Even TEKKEN 3 is the second-best selling fighting game after Super Smash. Bro Brawl.

4.      Resident Evil 2

If there is already a Dino Crisis above, there is now the best francise survival horror that belongs to Capcom ... Yep that is Resident Evil is more specific Resident Evil 2, there's no doubt if RE (Resident Evil) is the best-selling horror sequel to be adapted into a film , although the storyline is not the same.

At the time Capcom succeeded in making a very good game, from character design that could be considered real in the early days, not only was the complex storyline where we played Leon and Claire, each character had a separate storyline, a tense and exciting action package and memorable boss battles make Resident Evil the king of classic horror games ....... And RE 2 is also affected by REMASTERED (yaaaay) which will certainly be awaited by the lovers.

5.      Final Fantasy VII

One of the best RPG games made by Square Enix which was still called Square Soft. The latest breakthrough from Francise Final Fantasy is because Square Enix provides a 3D concept when we explore the world of FF7 and still cling to the concept of turn based typical of Final Fantasy.

In addition to the new concept, of course, the complex and interesting aspects of the Final Fantasy story and the main characters who have different stories than playing the previous game characters, Cloud Strife, who was a small time I became my favorite character and certainly Tifa, Cloud childhood friend used to be a material waifu for 90s kids, besides that the most memorable and badass antagonist characters are none other than-- Sephiroth. The fans' joy peaked because on the 2015 PlayStation Experience title REMAKE appeared accompanied by a typical FF7 logo, hopefully it won't be delayed for long like Final Fantasy XV which almost took about 10 years since it was first announced.

6.      Harvest moon : Back ToNature

A good game does not have to be accompanied by badass actions from the characters, in fact one of the masterpieces from Natsume Developer with their best francise Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, managed to present a casual game but very addictive like the slogan from the developer "Serious Fun".

choose one of them to become your wife

Always with the same prologue where the main character inherits a farm thathas great potential, in this way our management strength will be truly tested such as planting, watering every day, always brushing your cows, don't forget to socialize with the residents to marry the ideal woman / man we. behind hard work there are satisfying results, that's what this one game offers.

   7.      Super Shot Soccer

Unlike FIFA and Winning Eleven, which offer realistic gameplay that feels like they are in an original soccer match, Super Shot Soccer offers a unique concept of combining super moves in football is an amazingly unique concept.

Not just a stance from each country that has a memorable characteristic, my favorite is the Korea National Team kick kick. Even though this game is not prepared to match FIFA or WE but so enthusiastic about the players playing this game especially in Indonesia this game is auto obligatory there are in each local PS.

8.  Metal Gear Solid

One of the masterpieces made by the maestro Hideo Kojima.

Metal Gear Solid presents complex gameplay, the number of Cutscene scenes, the difficulty level is very difficult (hahaha) and may be too heavy for children to play, but it is undeniable that it is one of Konami's best games, even this series has survived to this day , even though the closing series is fairly negative because of Kojima-san's interference.

9.    Suikoden 2

Again, the second sequel to the famous game franchise, this time is Suikoden II, really a redemption from a famous Japanese developer, Konami.

Here they completely refined their first game with a perfect sequel, from a very good gameplay mechanism, party management and enhanced items. If Final Fantasy 7 starts using their 3D graphing, Suikoden still remains istiqomah with their 2D kawaii grapik. Deserve to leave with RPG games such as Square Enix's RPG game, one of the game masterpieces on the PS1 console.

10.  PaRappa The Reaper

The Rythm game with the Rap concept is unique, with the concept that Silly does not make PaRappa a game not worth playing, on the contrary PaRappa will actually make you addictive with this one game.

Yep that's the 10 best games from Playstation 1 in my opinion and see from met MetaScore ..... ehehehe. The Playstation Console is one of the few consoles whose existence is vital in the gaming industry from the beginning of the Playstation 1 to the Playstation 4 and in the future it is predicted to still exist. various innovations from services, hardware and the most controlled field of this Sony console, "Exclusive Game" are always being improved every day for player satisfaction. Playstation 1 for us, especially children in the 90s is not just a console to play games but memory that is very meaningful and will always be remembered anytime.
Nah that is my opinion, apologize if your friends' favorite games are not included, so I am happy to read friends comments about all of your favorite games in the comments column because we know that this one console has hundreds the best games that are endless are discussed hahaha don't forget to leave suggestions, criticisms and if you wish to share this article with our other brothers and sisters ...... Thanks Gaes


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